Staffordshire County Show 2007
Trade and Agricultural Turnout Classes

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This year Staffordshire County Show was a little disappointing for the heavy horse enthusiast as there was no in-hand showing. Instead spectators were limited to classes for trade and agricultural turnouts, which were relegated to late in the afternoon of the final day. Two classes were in the schedule for heavy horses with a third for light trade.

Class 88 for heavy trade turnouts, of any breed either in singles, pairs or tandems with two or four wheeled vehicles.

Class 89 for any agricultural turnout, again of any breed in singles, pairs or tandems, this time with either a dray, cart or any agricultural implement.

Class 90 for single of pairs of ponies or horses with either a two wheel or four wheel light trade vehicle.

The judge for all three classes, which were sponsored by Bowman Antique Fairs, was Mr D Worthington from Cheshire

The results of these classes were:-

 Class 88 - Heavy Trade Turnout
1 Coors Shires Horses Carling and Reef
2 Waterside Developments Shires Horses Victor and Vincent
3 Robinsons  Shire Horse Sovereign
4 Kevin Morris  Shire Horses Tom and Baron

 Class 89 - Agricultural Turnout
1 Eric Such Shires Horse George
2 Maggie Smith Shires Horse Tudor
3 Paul Simmons Clydesdale's Wallace and Noah
4 Leslie Gill Shire Horse Ramsor Merlin
Graham Roberts Clydesdales Sandy and Shamus 
Richard Welsh Pony Royal Major

 Class 90 - Light Trade
1 Barry Slanns Friesian x Welsh - Toby
2 Mr & Mrs Watsons Welsh Pony - Ellie
3 Sarah Smith New Forest Pony - Royal Oak Blaze
4 Tom Smith Welsh Pony - Royal Blue

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