Cheshire County Show 2007
3 & 4 Team Championship Turnout

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The four competitors in this year Cheshire County Show 3 & 4 Team Championship Turnout were greeted by rapturous applause from the crowds who packed the edge of the main arena. Heavy horse teams are always an attraction at County Shows and this event was no exception. Judged by Mr A.D.Tiller from Devon the four teams showed the spectators a good variety of heavy horses, their harness, vehicles, and the way three and four horse teams are yoked. The Waldburg Shire's team of four horses - Comet, William, Horace, and Beatrice - with the Galliford replica brewers dray - won the championship and the Cheshire Agricultural Societies 160th Anniversary Trophy.

The results were:-

 Class 600 - 3 & 4 Horse Team Championship Turnout
1 Galliford Shires Horses (x4)
Comet & William (lead)
Horace & Beatrice (wheel)
2 Mouland Clydesdales (x4)
Simpson & Senitor (lead)
Bill & Lachan (wheel)
3 Hargreaves Clydesdales (x3)
Jim (lead)
William & Tom (wheel)
4 R & E Hiscock Suffolks (x4)
Alex & Alisia (lead)
Conny & Lauren (wheel)

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