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By registering with, and submitting photographs to, the Heavy Horses Online Photo Gallery the user agrees to the following terms and conditions:-

1. The photographs you submit belong to you and you are the copyright holder.

2. By submitting images to the
Heavy Horses Online Gallery you understand that they, and their thumbnails, will be displayed in the Gallery section of Heavy Horses Online.

Heavy Horses Online will not post them on other areas of the site, license/sell them to third parties or allow their reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from you, except for using selected thumbnails on the Heavy Horses Online home page to show new items have been added to the gallery.

4. You may remove your photographs at any time.

5. Your images will be duplicated and resized to create thumbnails for use within the gallery section of this site. Also any information given by you during the setting up, or editing, of your album and the uploading of your photographs will be displayed.

6. The administrators of
Heavy Horses Online reserve the right to remove any photograph, gallery, or text displayed by you.

7. No photograph, text, or description which may give offence, or is likely to give offence, to anyone visiting this site will be uploaded.

8. The owners, administrators, web master, or any one associated with
Heavy Horses Online can be held responsible for any picture, text, or description displayed in the gallery.

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